Why choose a breeder/litter recommended by the GRSOI :

As a club, our committee is made up of true golden retriever lovers. Our dogs live with us in our homes and are very much part of our family. The health and wellbeing of all golden retrievers is paramount to us. We are delighted to help you and your family, in ensuring that you find a puppy that’s parents have had the relevent health tests, and we are always available to help you with any questions throughout the life of your golden.

All puppies that are recommended by the club are

  • All Club Members Dogs
  • All Sires and Dams are hip scored (this is done by X-raying and scoring both parents for hip Dysplasia)
  • All Dams and Sires must hold a current, clear eye test – This is done by a canine ophthalmologist who examines their eyes to check for congenital eye conditions (certificates are only issued on passing this test)
  •  Dogs and bitches of a suitable age are bred.
  • The Sire and Damn are both IKC registered
  • We as a club limit the amount of litters a bitch is allowed to have that will be recommended by us.
  • All reputable breeders offer help and advice on puppy development care and welfare.
  • Breeders will provide a transfer of ownership/registration form, microchip cert, pedigree certificate, diet information sheet, vaccination cert (if applicable).


Note: Your pup is registered with the IKC and Transfer of Ownership must be filled out with appropriate fee, signed by you and returned to the IKC. Equally the microchip has been registered with the IKC but you will need to register you and your puppy’s details with the Microchip Company, so he/she can be traced back to you.