The Code of Ethics of the GRSOI

(In addition to that of the IKC)

Members shall ensure that all dogs and bitches in their ownership have CURRENT Clear Eye Certificates & Hips X-rayed & scored at the time of mating and shall only be mated to or by a dog with a CURRENT clear eye certificated & hips X-rayed and scored at time of mating under BVA and/or Committee approved scheme.

Bitches to be a minimum of eighteen (18) months at time of mating.
Bitches to be a maximum of eight (8) years when having her last litter.
Maximum number of litters per bitch to be four (4)

In exceptional circumstance where a member’s dog or bitch does not comply with the above Code of Ethics and provided a written request is received by the Club in advance the Committee shall have the power to approve or deny such a request.

We have a beautiful breed that unfortunately like many other breeds has hereditary problems, but by adhering to the Club’s Code of Ethics the risk of hereditary problems being passed on to offspring will be greatly reduced.

Members failing to comply with the above Code of Ethics may be suspended or expelled and/or have their renewal of membership refused.