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On reaching maturity your Golden Retriever will continue to need a great deal of care and attention. The basic requirements of a ready supply of fresh water, two nutritious meals per day, regular grooming and twice daily exercise are all necessary for his or her continued well being. The Golden Retriever fits readily into the home environment, but like most animals it is essential that your Golden Retriever receives adequate mental stimulation and this can be provided by spending quality time each day with your dog, for example playing or retrieving. The more time you spend with your dog the more rewarding the experience will be.

Annual boosters and regular worming, to protect the immunity of your dog from infection are essential. Please consult your vet and take their advice on these matters.

Most families enjoy an annual holiday and the well socialised Golden Retriever can become an integral part of this enjoyable time. Good preparation is vital when travelling by car. Ensuring your pet is restrained appropriately, water and frequent stops will make the journey comfortable for them. Hot cars can be a death trap for dogs. If it is essential that your pet is left at home the options are to use a dog sitting service or a good quality boarding kennel. Again prior to committing to a particular establishment fully research the available possibilities and satisfy yourself regarding the service offered.

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