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Why choose a breeder/litter recommended by the GRSOI :

• All Sires and Dams are hip scored ( this is done by X-raying and scoring both parents for hip Dysplasia
• All Dams and Sires must be eye tested – This is done by a canine ophthalmologist who examines their eyes to check for congenital eye conditions. Certificate are only issued on passing this test
• Dogs and bitches of a suitable age are bred
• We as a club limit the amount of litters a bitch is allowed to have that will be recommended by us.
• All reputable breeders offer help and advice on puppy development care and welfare.
• Breeders will provide a transfer of ownership/registration form, microchip cert, pedigree certificate, diet information sheet, vaccination cert (if applicable).

Note: Your pup is registered with the IKC and Transfer of Ownership must be filled out with appropriate fee, signed by you and returned to the IKC. Equally the microchip has been registered with the IKC but you will need to register you and your puppy’s details with the Microchip Company, so he/she can be traced back to you.

When You Bring Your New Puppy Home

Finally, the day dawns when you collect your new puppy from its breeder and you bring him or her home!
First, show puppy where to toilet and praise him when he performs. It s a good idea, for the future, if you say a certain word (Hurry-Up or Pish-Wish etc) when the pup is actually doing it so that he can then learn to associate that word with toileting as it will help with house-breaking and general training.
Your puppy will be tired after the journey so show him his bed (maybe in a simple cardboard
Immediately after puppy has eaten, bring him out to toilet, this is what he will have been used to when with his mother. Also do this when he wakes up from sleep.
Let puppy get used to his new home – and you – in a calm manner and start as you mean to go on if he chews at the furniture (as he will!) tell him No! in a sharp tone and gently remove him from the chair-leg etc. Puppy will be teething hard and it s preferable to give him suitable toys (nylon bones, hard rubber chews etc) to satisfy his craving to chew rather than let him loose on the leather suite! Never leave him with toys unsupervised.
Your puppy needs plenty of sleep (just like a human baby) little naps during the day as well as a full night s sleep. Ensure puppy can sleep as much as he needs without the children disturbing him. First thing after he wakes, he’ll need to toilet!
Puppy will have little accidents don t scold or push his nose in it because he forgets immediately afterwards whatever it is that he s done he has a 3-second attention span. By bringing him outside at the correct times and saying your chosen word when he’s performing he’ll eventually learn! Most puppies learn very quickly.
The first night in his new home puppy will be on his own, probably, for the first time in his life so try to make things easy for him. After his last feed and his toileting, a gentle play-session to ensure he s tired enough to sleep but not hyped up enough not to be able. A last chance to toilet and then, with a hard biscuit offered to him in his bed (to occupy him for a while), lights out and shut the door quietly. (It s a good idea to put a well-wrapped-up, warm hot-water-bottle under his bedding to give him the idea that he s snuggling-up to his litter-mates for the first night!) He may cry a little but try to resist the urge to rush in and cuddle him.
If puppy has his bed in the kitchen or utility room, spreading some newspaper on the floor at the back door will help the inevitable accidents until his bladder grows big enough to be able to hold it in until the morning.
His breeder will have socialised him to all the normal household sounds but no harm to remember to check your puppy when you run your vacuum, washing machine etc for the first time to see that he s not affected by the noise everyone has different machines and some are louder than others. Don t tip-toe around puppy, he’ll soon get used to the rhythm and routines of your household.
Puppies need food, sleep, play and love not necessarily in that order! Just remember, the more effort you put into your puppy, the more you will be repaid in owning a well-trained, a pleasure-to-be-with dog for many years into the future and remember, Golden Retrievers love you unconditionally!!!

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